Where milk begins its journey

Welcome to the Gilded Fern site! We are excited to have you along as we discover and create new cheeses. If you are visiting you are probably a cheese lover or maybe a cheese maker!

An Interview with New England Cheesemaking

We are a family operated fromagerie, creating artisan cheeses with milk sourced from our own animals. Access to a particular milk helps determine our particular cheese. We are always evolving as does our milk supply.

Most recently, we moved from our NH location of 3 acres to Kansas with 147 acres! We are so excited for the possibilities. With pasture in one of the best areas of the country, we can now provide ourselves with grass-raised dairy. This is tremendous when it comes to cheese making. Another benefit of being located in the middle of the lower 48 states is that shipping our cheeses is now an easy option.

Our passion is not only cheese making. We are also passionate about farming and the life that comes from the effort of farming. While modern life provides the many comforts and luxuries we all enjoy, the farming life provides nutrition to our soul! Regenerative farming/permaculture is something we feel strongly about. We don’t want to fight with nature … we want to work with it, being flexible in our goals and ready to change course when something doesn’t seem right.

You can follow our blog if you would like to come along on our journey. We have a vision of what we want to create on our 147 acres, but we don’t know what lies in our path in reaching those goals. That’s what makes it exciting!

You can get a quick glimpse into the cheese making process from the video that daughter Caroline made on our NH farm.