We love this little ‘foot stool’ cheese. With the correct environment, the cheese’s Penicillium candidum dances nicely with the vegetable ash, adding visual interest to both the surface and the out cut edge. Beneath the skin of the cheese, you will discover an array of complex flavors especially when allowed to come to room temperature. We generally get these cheeses into markets at 10 days. But 4-6 weeks in the refrigerator (without opening … if this is possible!) will result in an entirely different cheese. So look for the ‘make date’ which will help you determine if this is the stage of cheese that you like best.

Many wine/cheese enthusiasts tend to pair this style of cheese (earthy, pungent, mushroomy) with Champagne (just one more excuse to have Champagne!).  But a crisp Chardonnay is fabulous too. The size of this cheese is plentiful for 1 person but if you’re feeling generous you may choose to share with a close friend … Makes a great ‘date night’ cheese.