The Gilded Fern Farm Cheeses

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A great gift for cheese lovers all over the country (lower 48 states). We’ll select those cheeses that are at their very best to be enjoyed. You could also consider ordering for yourself to enjoy with friends and family.

A young, ripened cow’s milk cheese with a bloomy rind and thin layer of ash. Delicate in flavor

Blue Cheese

Blackwater Blue
A firm, full-bodied blue cheese made from cow’s milk. Aged 90 days.

Presque Oublié
Similar to a 'monk's' cheese, this aged, cow's milk cheese is washed daily with a salt brine to create a flavorful gooey cheese!

La Soeur
A triple crème bloomy rind cow’s milk cheese. This cheese is ripened for 21-28 days prior to sale. It has become a farm store favorite with our customers

An aged Swiss-style cow's milk cheese. Aged between 6-18 months

Chèvre de Provence
A classic, tangy fresh goat’s milk cheese with herbs (rosemary and thyme)

Pointe Coupée
This lovely ripened goat’s milk cheese has a thin bloomy rind and a layer of vegetable ash. It has a narrow window of when it is best to consume and we tend to limit this one to farmer's markets and our farm store

Soft cheese

Jolie Peau
Made from cow's milk, this triple creme beauty is about 3 ounces. Filled with visual and flavorful interest, it's an excellent addition to any cheese plate or to be enjoyed alone.

Gone Gone Groovy
Wrinkly, gooey, delicious! Made from goat’s milk. The interesting texture is a result of geotrichum

Chèvre Souche
Young with a slight tang and only mildly aged. This is a wonderful cheese with celery sticks! Available seasonally