Farmers Markets

During the summer months, you can find us at the Bedford, Canterbury and Contoocook markets. If you have a special request or would like for us to hold something for you, send us an email or message through Facebook/Instagram.  We have been working hard preparing fresh cheeses as well as making hard cheeses that will be ready in 3 months to 2 years!

Roeburn Farm with their French Alpine Goats in Lebanon, NH are now providing us with goat milk. This is exciting as it helps us round out our milk options when making cheeses. We currently make hard and soft goat cheeses as well as blends of goat and cow. The results have been fabulous!

French Alpines are known to cheese makers for their wonderful milk. Roeburn farm has been refining this breed for over 40 years. We are incredibly lucky to have them here in NH.


In the winter, you can find us inside at the Contoocook Farmers Market on Saturdays. We always have samples and love to hear what you think about your tasting.

Hope to see you there!

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