Caution: Cheese Making Can Make One Crazy!

While cheese making may seem like a fun and creative endeavor, secretly, it is also one that can be full of angst. It may even cause one to question their own sanity! I have learned that cheese makers tend to be of a determined spirit. I appreciate their beautifully completed works but now understand a little about what it takes to get there. Here’s just one example: Triple Creme: I have attempted a triple creme 6 times at this point. And although my cheese-loving family clapped and cheered at the last batch (not quite, but still an enthusiastic crowd), it was somewhat of a disappointment. The curds were drained too long and the texture was not the heavenly richness that I was hoping for. Next week I will give it yet another try! (never let the cheese win. See! That’s the sanity thing I was mentioning). I have become fairlyContinue Reading